The Consciously Funded Community is an organization of Black and Indigenous social entrepreneurs and impact investors collaborating to create and fund solutions to the world's most pressing social problems, while leading equitable lives that never omit People, Purpose or Planet.

The Consciously Funded Value Ecosystem is founded on honor, love, collaboration, excellence, impact, transformation, and sustainability.

The Consciously Funded Movement stands on the shoulders of  social justice, innovation, entrepreneurship, and corporate responsibility.

Consciously Funded folks embrace the fact that Two Truths + Two Realities = Living in Perfect Harmony. They have the ability to stand in their two truths with power. They understand you can be Black, Indigenous, Privileged, Religious, Young, Wealthy, or Creative and still be Radical, Bold, and Conscious. They are folks that Think Conscious and Act Glocal. Regardless of who you are there is always space for you to be conscious.

Consciously Funded folks will thrive because our community curates access to training, mentoring, and financing.

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